[DLC] NJ TRANSIT U34CH Loco (Train Simulator / RailWorks)

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Релиз: 03.04.2020 / Разработчик: Digital Train Model / Совместимость: Train Simulator (ЛИЦЕНЗИЯ и ПИРАТКА) / Тип: Steam DLC (Подвижной состав) / Язык: Английский
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Информация о дополнении:
The distinctive, burly, and powerful General Electric U34CH diesel that toted commuters in New Jersey and New York for more than two decades is now available for Train Simulator!
Created by DTM, this Add-On includes the husky GE U34CH diesel in NJ Transit livery accompanied by Pullman-Standard Comet I cab cars and coaches.
In the early 1970s, the commuter rail lines radiating from Hoboken (New Jersey) Terminal were primarily operated by Erie-Lackawanna on behalf of the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT). Equipment renewal was an imperative, and NJDOT funded the purchase of 32 General Electric U34CH locomotives, a six-axle behemoth based on GEs 3,600-horsepower U36C design, but with the addition of HEP (head-end-power) equipment. As a result, the locomotive provided 3,430-horsepower for traction, thus its U34CH designation.
Purchased to serve with the U34CH was Pullman-Standard Comet I commuter equipment, constructed in cab car and coach configurations for push-pull service. A total of 155 Comet I cars were acquired by NJDOT.
Over their careers, the U34CH and Comet I combos could be found working virtually all the non-electrified commuter routes out of Hoboken. In 1983 NJ Transit assumed commuter rail operations in the region and NJTs flashy livery of silver with tri-color stripes was applied to a number of the U34CH diesels.
After two decades of duty, the U34CHs were retired from NJT commuter service in 1994. One U34CH, No. 3372, has been saved by the United Railway Historical Society of New Jersey. Some Comet I cars remained in NJT service until 2009.
The GE U34CH DLC for Train Simulator includes the U34CH with a range of realistic features including HEP control and is dressed in NJ Transit livery. The Comet I cab cars and coaches also appear in NJT livery.
4 карьерных сценария для маршрута :
  1. 01 - Train 630 to Hoboken
  2. 02 - Train 651 to Dover
  3. 03 - Train 607 to Dover
  4. 04 - Train 538 to Hoboken
Особенности дополнения:
  1. General Electric U34CH diesel in NJ Transit livery
  2. Realistic locomotive operating features and controls, including HEP
  3. Comet I cab cars and coaches in NJ Transit livery
  4. Four career scenarios for the North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines route
  5. Quick Drive compatible

A. Распаковать *.rwp архив любым архиватором (на ваш вкус) в папку с игрой
B. Установить *.rwp через Utilities.exe (находится в папке с игрой)

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[DLC] NJ TRANSIT U34CH Loco (Train Simulator / RailWorks) .torrent
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