[MSFS] - Deimos Inc - Milano Malpensa (LIMC) (Scenery)

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Год выхода фото: 2021
Release year: 2021
Genre: Scene
Developer: Deimos Inc
Publisher: Sim Market
Simulator Platform: MSFS
Message type: RIP
Tablet: Not required
System requirements: the same as for the simulator
The airport was rebuilt, as always, faithfully respecting the Jeppsen Charts, AIP Italia and personal knowledge of the site.
Milan - Malpensa Airport (IATA: MXP, ICAO: LIMC) is an Italian intercontinental airport located in the municipalities of Somma Lombardo (Terminal 2) and Ferno (Terminal 1) in the province of Varese, historically an area of the Upper Milanese; is the main airport managed by the municipality of Milan.
It is the second Italian airport for passenger traffic after the Rome-Fiumicino Airport and several airlines are based there, such as EasyJet, Blue Panorama Airlines, Ryanair; it is the hub for the cargo airline Cargolux Italia and the passenger company Neos.
It is managed by the Società Esercizi Aeroportuali (SEA).
In 2019 about 30 million passengers and 560,000 tons of goods passed through Malpensa, confirming it as the first airport in Italy for freight traffic and second airport in Italy for passenger traffic.
The airport has 2 terminals: Terminal 1 is used by scheduled, charter and low cost flights, with the exception of the EasyJet company which instead uses Terminal 2 exclusively.
* There are about 200 parking spaces between Gates and Stands, for Medium, Large and Heavy aircraft.
* Each stand has all the ground services working.
* Taxiway, horizontal signs (including airports road) and vertical signs have been meticulously reproduced.
* The airports buildings as T1, T2, Cargos, Hangars, Fire Brigates and others has also been faithfully recreated.
* The whole of the work done to create this airport makes the experience on it extremely realistic.
Copy the contents of the archive to the Community folder.
For the Microsoft Store edition AND / OR Gamepass edition:
`C: Users [YOUR USERNAME] AppData Local Packages Microsoft.FlightSimulator_ <RANDOMLETTERS> LocalCache Packages Community`.
For the Steam edition:
`C: Users [YOUR USERNAME] AppData Roaming Microsoft Flight Simulator Packages Community`.
For the Boxed edition:
`C: Users [YOUR USERNAME] AppData Local MSFSPackages Community`.
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