[MSFS] - Aerosoft - Cologne / Bonn (EDDK) (Scenery)

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Release year: 2021
Genre: Scene
Developer: Aerosoft
Publisher: Aerosoft
Simulator Platform: MSFS
System requirements: the same as for the simulator

Visit Germanys seventh busiest airport! Nestled between the cities of Cologne and Bonn next to the Rhine river the airport named after West-Germanys first Chancellor Konrad Adenauer doesnt only offer a short hop to Central European airports but its also a major gateway for Cargo operations in and out of Europe.
Featuring two parallel runways (14L/32R & 14R/32L) and one crosswind runway (06/24) with the longest being 3,815 meters (12,516 feet) it allows any type of flight operations, from a Holiday Charter to the Mediterranean to a red-eye cargo flight halfway around the globe.
Cologne Bonn Airport is one of Germanys few airports operating 24-hours a day. It served close to 12 million passengers in 2016 (a 15% increase from the previous year) to almost 150 destinations and more than 786.000 tons of air cargo – this airport truly never sleeps.
  1. Features a highly accurate recreation of Cologne Bonn Airport (EDDK, CGN)
  2. Highly detailed models of airport terminals, hangars, buildings and other airport facilities
  3. Accurate taxiway, apron and stands layout
  4. Custom aerial image covering the airport bounds and close vicinity
  5. Accurate terrain and runway profile
  6. Interior Terminal models included
  7. Photorealistic building and ground textures
  8. Custom animated jetway models
  9. Highly detailed ground service equipment and other clutter objects
  10. Up to date runway, taxiway and stand layouts
  11. Custom taxiway signage
  12. Custom windsock model
  13. Custom taxiway and runway guard lighting effects
  14. Realistic night time dynamic lighting

Copy the contents of the archive to the Community folder.
For the Microsoft Store edition AND / OR Gamepass edition:
`C: Users [YOUR USERNAME] AppData Local Packages Microsoft.FlightSimulator_ <RANDOMLETTERS> LocalCache Packages Community`.
For the Steam edition:
`C: Users [YOUR USERNAME] AppData Roaming Microsoft Flight Simulator Packages Community`.
For the Boxed edition:
`C: Users [YOUR USERNAME] AppData Local MSFSPackages Community`.
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