[DLC] Union Pacific No. 119 (Train Simulator / RailWorks)

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Union Pacific No. 119
Разработчик/издатель: Smokebox/Dovetail Games / Язык дополнения: английский / Год выпуска: 26 апреля 2018 / Совместимость: Train Simulator (лицензия и пиратка)
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It was Union Pacific 4-4-0 No. 119, together with Central Pacifics Jupiter, that on May 10,
1869 stood pilot-to-pilot at Promontory, Utah for the ceremonial driving of the
transcontinental railroads Golden Spike. Union Pacific No. 119 was one of five 4-4-0
American type locomotives built for the UP by the Rogers Locomotive and Machine Works in
November 1868. Following its historic moment at Promontory, UP No. 119 went on to serve
the railroad until 1903. Like the Jupiter, however, Union Pacific No. 119 was reborn in the
1970s as a full-sized replica operating at the U. S. National Park Services Golden Spike
National Historic Site.
Smokebox has once again created the extraordinary. Union Pacific No. 119 is re-created with
a superb fidelity to every detail and features operating characteristics that are amazingly
authentic. The UP 4-4-0 provides everything from the challenges of authentic wheel slip and
managing the boiler and firebox conditions to the artistry of working with long and quilled
toot whistles. Multiple settings for selecting difficulty and use of an auto fireman nonetheless
make the 4-4-0 accessible and enjoyable for users of all experience levels. The locomotive is
provided in two livery variations, including the prominently black and green livery believed by
historians to be its original as delivered scheme, and the black and red colors that are
applied to the modern replica.
To bring Union Pacific No. 119 – and challenging 19th century railroading – to life, the 4-4-0
is accompanied by a marvellous Train Simulator route representing the city of Cheyenne and
its surroundings (extending about 6 miles to the east and 20 miles to the west) as existed in
1869. And joining UP 4-4-0 No. 119 on the Cheyenne 1869 route is a superb selection of
period-authentic rolling stock, including a Union Pacific boxcar, flat cars (empty and with
multiple loads), emigrant passenger coach with clerestory roof, baggage car, and combined
caboose and coach. The route also offers a captivating selection of Old West structures and
trackside assets, ranging from vintage engine servicing facilities to old west buildings and
working ball signals!
One of the most realistic, unique – and captivating – railroading experiences ever to be
enjoyed in a train simulation has come to Train Simulator – with Union Pacific 4-4-0 No. 119
and its accompanying Cheyenne 1869 route!
Ключевые особенности
• Union Pacific 4-4-0 No. 119 in two liveries
• Highly realistic controls and operating characteristics
• Choice of difficulty settings
• Extraordinary visual detail and authenticity
• Complete Cheyenne 1869 route
• Period authentic rolling stock
• Five career scenarios for Cheyenne 1869 route
• Numerous Old West assets
• Quick Drive Compatible
Five captivating career scenarios for the Cheyenne 1869 route are included as well as a
Cheyenne free roam scenario:
• [UP119] 3:10 to Laramie
• [UP119] Nineteen to Cheyenne
• [UP119] West of Cheyenne
• [UP119] In Old Cheyenne
• [UP119] Rails Into Laramie
• [UP119] Free roam scenario

Как установить:
Train Simulator
Раздача обновлена 09.08.18
• Set a slightly higher speed threshold for allowing the headlight to be toggled.
• Corrected the keyboard controls, R and Shift R, for adjusting the slider in the
firebox that sets the desired fire mass.
• Added an injector located between the left-hand driving wheels, together with
the associated handles in the cab for controlling the supply of water and steam
to the injector inlet pipes.
• Added the front and rear damper handles protruding from the floor of the cab
on the firemans side.
• Added handles for operating the feedwater check valves fitted to the pipes
carrying water to the two crosshead pumps.
• Added the ashpan door lever and its associated handle above the left-hand
runboard, together with ash dust effect.
• Relocated the blower control valve.
Corrected the texturing of the handbrake ratchet on the boxcars.
Placed the correct picture (the mountain man Jim Bridger) on the right-hand
side of the sandbox.
• For greater historical accuracy, removed the builders plates from No. 119 but
kept them on No. 116.
• Added a shovel in the tenders.
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